Mentoring For Writers

Words can stir up emotions from a place we didn’t know existed. Words can take you on a journey somewhere unexpected. As much as writing seems like a magical superpower (and it kinda is), it’s not that mysterious.


Writers are not born, they are made.


And you too can learn how to turn the most mundane thing into a compelling story which captivates its reader. A story that inspires or sells — but still has your heart in it.


I've been working with coaches, CEOs, and global brands for years to distill their essence into a single story (and then many more.) And the lessons I learned from these projects didn’t just help me grow as a writer, but as a human being as well.


Ghostwriting for a New York Times bestselling author taught me that no matter where we are in life, we all have a “bestselling” story to tell. Working with global brands taught me that people don’t choose products — they choose stories.


And helping coaches express their voice taught me that those profound moments that can't be put into words — actually can be... with a bit of storytelling.

Become A Professional Writer

Being a writer is so much more than just wordsmithery.

It's mastering your own inner state to engineer

inspiration on demand. It's becoming your own agent and

turning your craft into a business.

It's applying the right storytelling techniques

that change perception and inspire action,

so that you can charge above the market.

I have worked with dozens of writers and I can tell you

that you don’t need a degree to become one.

All you need is these two things:

Write every single day and find your mentors.

That’s how I started too. And today I help others do the same.

Build Your Personal Brand

Leaders are storytellers because they recognise

that people don’t choose products or companies.

They choose stories.

Your personal brand is a footprint of who you are

and what you represent in the world.

It’s what separates you from

every other person on the planet.

And while many people might do what you do

and share the same mission that drives you,

no one else has your story.

Let’s craft it together and make you remembered.

I'd Love To Hear From You!

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