About Me

Annamaria Nagy, Conscious Copywriter & Life Coach

Small town girl with big dreams, misfit in a safe and predictable world, that’s who I was.


But after I graduated, my education began. I travelled the world in pursuit of human experiences and answers to what life really is. I have seen crime and kindness, suffering and abundance, ignorance and wisdom. Until every moment of every experience travelled from my eyes to my fingers filling the blank sheet in front of me.


I found myself a talent. And I found myself in the world of marketing agencies and brands thirsty for words with a soul.


And while writing for top brands flattered my creativity — I wanted something more meaningful. Words have the power to change lives, I thought. Why not use them to create transformation? That’s when personal growth turned from my passion into my profession.


I joined Mindvalley and I began to write about some of the world’s best teachers in personal growth and the paradigm shifts they brought into the transformation industry. Meditation, biohacking, human performance, energy work, lifestyle design, you name it.


It was only then that I realised that all the wisdom of the world isn’t enough to create a change in people’s life unless you understand one thing.


The art of powerful storytelling.


So I went on to help coaches share their message and express their authentic selves to the world. And in the end, I became one of them.


What’s the end of the story? I can’t tell you right now. I’m still writing it. I’m still living it. And I help others do the same. Crafting transformative stories and rewriting their own.

What I Do


Copywriting For Conscious Businesses

I help mission-driven businesses, wellpreneurs, and coaches share their message with the world through content creation and ghostwriting.


So they can focus on what they’re best at: Transforming lives.

Cute Notebooks

Mentoring For Writers

Other people might share your purpose, but no one else has your story.


Whether you want to become a professional writer or craft a story that elevates your brand, the right storytelling techniques will make you remembered.


Life Coaching

The stories we tell ourselves make up who we are, from the day we were born until this moment.


In order to design the life you want to live and get to where you want to be, all you need to do is rewrite the story you've been telling yourself.

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